Pastor Kris Harrison

pastor of adult discipleship


The Basics

Hometown: Dallas, TX.

Family: My wife Anne and I have 7 children: Hannah, Calla, Elliott, Ruthie, Seth, Evan, and Max.

Your Roles and Responsibilities at Trinity: I love seeing people growing closer to Christ, and growing closer to others. My role at Trinity is to help people do just that by connecting to Growth Groups, ABFs, and other discipleship opportunities.

How You Ended Up at Trinity: God brought me here. I applied for several ministry positions, but this one found me.

Hobbies: I like to tinker with building furniture. I also like to pretend to play golf.


Favorite Books: I love to read. I’ve been really impacted by Dallas Willard’s writing, and Tim Keller’s. I also like the playwrights David Mamet and Brian Friel.

Favorite Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life.

Favorite Bands/Music: I like a lot of music, but probably my biggest favorites are Paul Simon and Shane & Shane.

Favorite Place You’d Like to Visit: I’ve been blessed to travel a lot in my life, but one place I’d really love to visit is Ireland. Don’t tell my wife, but I’m planning to surprise her with a trip there. Some time.

A Few Other Favorite Things: Salsa. Bacon. Bacon dipped in salsa. Football. Oh, yeah, my family, too.

Behind The Scenes

Secret Talent: In my “first life,” I was an actor and a director. I still enjoy the theatre, although I don’t have as much opportunity to do it now as I might like.

Wildest Dream: When I was a kid, I always had a fantasy of being a kicker for the Dallas Cowboys.

Faith & Vision

Your Hope and Vision for Trinity: I’d love to see Trinity fully become a great church in this community, and a great church for this community.

How Long Have You Known the Lord? I was saved the summer after I graduated college. I’ve been pursuing God in the Christian life ever since.

Faith Upbringing: I grew up in a Reformed church, and then as an adult went to Baptist churches and Bible churches.