Pastor Edgar Gonzalez

pastor of Spanish ministries

The Basics

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico.

Family: I have two sons Josué and Noé and my wife Maria.

Your Roles and Responsibilities at Trinity: I oversee our ministries to the Spanish-Language community in our valley (after my day job as a commercial plumber).

Hobbies: Reading, playing soccer


Favorite Books: Anything by John Maxwell, Bruce Wilkinson, Rich Warren, and Charles Ryrie.

Favorite Movies: Fireproof.

Favorite Bands/Music: Jars of Clay and Spanish Christian Music.

Favorite Place You’d Like to Visit: Israel.

A Few Other Favorite Things: I love spending time with my wife and kids.

Behind The Scenes

What Gets You Fired Up? Christ—my hope is to reach non-believers to come to Christ, and I wish to see this Spanish-Language ministry grow to its full potential.