Action Steps


  • Please pray for Trinity Church during this time of transition. Church unity, wisdom, continued effectiveness in ministry, and a sincere heart for our valley are all critical to our mission.

  • Please continue to pray for our pastors and elders. You can find a great guide for praying for your pastors here.

What's Happening Now?

search team

A pastoral Search Team was formed and has been in process since June 2018. They have completed Search Team training by CBNW and are continuing their work on searching for our next Lead Pastor.

Members of the Search Team

Bill Jordan (Chair) 509.520.8069

Kattie Bush 509.301.4863

Bill Dean 509.200.9498

Andrew Goin 509.629.1720

Jamie Griffith 509.240.4179

Trudee Nims 509.301.8299

Kailee Meyer 509.520.3998

Elder Board

Dwayne Weston, Michael Willard, Anthony Kaufman, Bill Dean, & Mike Cibart

Questions for the elder board? You can contact them at

Constitution and Bylaws


To view Trinity’s official bylaws and constitution, please log in to our online community, Church Community Builder, by clicking here. If you do not already have an account with our online community, please contact our office at 509-525-3032.