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High School Backpacking

Backpacking 2018 Slide.jpg

Once again, it’s time for our annual high school backpacking trip to Aneroid Lake! Here’s the plan: on Thursday, August 9th, we will meet in the church parking lot at 7:00 am, load gear into the vans, and head off. We’ll drive two and a half hours to the trail head and hopefully begin the 6.5 mile hike to Aneroid around 10:00 am. We will stay there for the next three nights and head back down the mountain Sunday, August 12th. We’ll grab a quick lunch at Safeway and be back in Walla Walla around 3:00 pm.

WHEN: August 9-12

WHERE: Aneroid Lake

COST: $45 + Food and Gear

As for modern conveniences, at the lake we’ll have an outhouse and a satellite phone (for emergencies only). All other needs must be packed in and out by each student.

While at the lake, we will take part in various activities including—but not limited to: rock climbing, caving, swimming, traversing snow-fields, summiting small peaks over 9000 ft., boating, fishing, napping, playing night games, and other camping-related fun. All of these activities are “challenge-by-choice,” and students will not be required to participate. However, they will be encouraged by leaders and peers to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. We do this to build relationships and break down walls. For many students and leaders, this trip is the highlight of the year. We expect everyone to have a lot of fun—and grow spiritually. Students will have daily times called “solos” where they find a spot in this beautiful valley to read their Bible and pray. We will also end each day discussing new truths about our Creator and His plans for us.


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to Jul 22

Trinity Youth Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2018 Logo.jpg

Registration for camp is now closed. This year Middle School and High School students will head to Farragut State Park in Idaho from July 21-25. We will be tent camping at one of the park's group campsites. 

Summer camp is one of our best times to connect on a deeper level relationally and spiritually with kids. We try to crank the fun factor up to an 11, while spending time with friends and having significant faith conversations through our big group sessions and small group time. Students will have the opportunity to hear from awesome speakers, engage in worship, spend time on the water, and play epic outdoor games. As an added bonus, they will get to spend a day enjoying the rides and slides at Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach.

WHEN: JULY 21-25

WHERE: Farragut State Park

COST: $50 (non refundable) due at registration. Total cost is $240. Full payment due by July 1. 

We've never let finances determine if the student goes to camp or not. If you're interested in donating to our Summer Camp scholarship fund, let our office know at 525-3032.

Packing and Info

Click the button below to see the packing list and extra additional info you need to know. 

Check out this video from Summer Camp 2017 to get a glimpse of how much fun you can expect this year! 

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6:00 PM18:00

Mother-Daughter Beauty Bootcamp

Beauty Bootcamp Web.jpg

God created everyone in their own unique way. But let's be honest, sometimes it's hard to know what to wear based on our skin coloring, body shape, and hair color. 

At this Beauty Bootcamp, we will learn how to use makeup, clothes, and hairstyles to our advantage. Beauty Technician Sally Luebben will be our main speaker, and throughout the night we will learn a broad number of beauty tips and tricks. 

This event is for girls in Trinity Youth and their moms, sisters, grandmas, aunts, and friends. It will be July 10 from 6-9pm here at Trinity, and there is no cost to attend. 

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7:30 AM07:30

Navajo Mission Trip

Navajo Mission Slide.jpg

In 2018, Trinity Youth will be taking a life changing trip to Arizona to serve. Here are the details you need to know:

DESTINATION: Navajo Nation, Houck, Az

DATES: June 17-23, 2018

AGE LEVEL: Students currently in 6-12 grade

COST: Approximately $1500.00

BALANCE DUE: May 13, 2018, amount TBD based on fundraising outcomes


The Navajo Nation is the world’s largest Native American reservation. With territory in three states, its total land mass is larger than the state of West Virginia. Our site is near Houck, AZ, about 40 miles west of Gallup, NM. With a population of 210,000, the opportunities for ministry here are countless. The Navajo people are open to the Gospel and many have come to realize that they need the Lord in their lives, but there are many lives still waiting to be touched and many ears that have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. This site is designed for groups who want a cross-cultural experience without leaving the United States.

Trip benefits for students

• Teamwork

• Confidence

• Desire to study God’s Word

• A vision for the lost

• Motivation to grow youth group 

Service Projects

Our group will do a variety of work projects including concrete work, carpentry work, painting, and building retaining walls.

Relational Outreach

Our group will do relational outreach with children in the area, allowing students to share the Gospel with those in need.

Adventure Opportunities

Our group will have the opportunity to hike through Canyon de Chelly, an amazing canyon hike close to our site.


Grace  Will  Paul  Madison  Susanna  Eli  Carolyn  Bella     Katherine  Nate  Thad  Jeff  Kate  Hope  Misty  Zeke  Ami

Grace  Will  Paul  Madison  Susanna  Eli  Carolyn  Bella

Katherine  Nate  Thad  Jeff  Kate  Hope  Misty  Zeke  Ami

Questions? Contact Pastor Thad at thad@trinitywallawalla.org 


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12:00 PM12:00

Pasta with the Parents

Pasta with the Parents Slide jan 21.jpg

If you are a parent of a middle school or high school student, we invite you to come to a lunch in your honor! Raising kids is hard work, with lots of difficult problems, and hard to come by answers.

We invite you to attend this lunch after church on June 10 so that we can encourage you and offer some of the resources that we have found helpful. Hope to see you there!

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9:00 AM09:00

Trinity Youth Swag Fundraiser

Trinity Swag Graphic .jpg

Interested in supporting the youth on their next mission trip?

This summer our youth will be taking a mission trip to the Navajo reservation in Arizona to run a sports camp and help with various projects around the town. If you are interested in supporting the youth for this upcoming adventure, you can now purchase Trinity Youth Swag. 

Here's the details you need to know:

Who? Trinity Youth

What? Merchandise for purchase with the Trinity Youth logo on it

Where? Click the button below to purchase

When? Only available through the month of May

Why? To raise money for the mission trip to the Navajo reservation in Arizona

If you have any questions, you can contact our church office. If you'd like to learn more about the Mission Team and their trip to Arizona, you can click here

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12:00 PM12:00

Trinity Youth Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Shoe Drive Web.jpg

Help Trinity Youth raise funds for the 2018 youth mission trip by donating new or used shoes.

How it works:

For every bag of shoes we collect, the shoe company (called Funds2Orgs) will put funds towards the youth mission trip. The bags of shoes will then be collected and distributed to developing countries around the world. It's a great way to provide shoes for those in need, and support our youth's mission trip! 

What to do:

You can bring new or gently used shoes by Trinity throughout the week or on a Sunday morning to the youth room. If you are interested in learning more about the company we are partnering with for the shoe drive, you can click here. If you are interested in learning more about the mission trip, you can click here.

Thank you for your support! 

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12:00 PM12:00

MS & HS Guys Paintball

High school and middle school guys and Dads! Are you ready for an epic paintball battle? 

Cost: $35. This will cover your field pass, a paintball marker, all day high pressure air, and 500 rounds of paintballs.

This will be enough ammo to last all afternoon. However, should you run out, you can bring money and purchase 500 rounds for $20 at the site. 

DADS: You are encouraged to come play. 

Here's the event details:

-Fill out the Red Dot Paintball waiver. IF YOU DO NOT FILL IT OUT YOU CANNOT PLAY. 

-Leave from Trinity at 12:00pm April 29. Pack a lunch to eat on the way up. 

-Bring a change of clothes, and necessary paintball attire. If you aren't sure what to bring, check out this informational article. 

-Bring money for a drive-thru dinner on the way back. 

-Cars will return to Trinity between 6:00-7:00pm that day. 


Call or text Jeff Lyon, (509) 540-7829, with any questions at any time.

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12:00 PM12:00

Trinity Youth Silent Auction and Italian Lunch

pexels-photo-257818 (2).jpeg

Our Trinity Youth Mission Team is only 3 months away from leaving for the Navajo Nation. 

Thank you for all the support you have already given to this team.  

We are almost halfway to reaching our financial goal. Here is another opportunity for you to partner with us in helping us reach that goal.  On Sunday, March 25, from 12-2pm, we will be hosting an Italian lunch and silent auction. 

While enjoying lunch, you can bid on donated items. This is a fun way to help out our cause and get our team to Arizona where they will be spreading the good news of Jesus and making a huge impact on the lives of the Navajo people. If you would like to learn more about Trinity Youth's mission trip, click here

You can purchase tickets for this event from a table in the foyer on Sunday morning, by contacting Misty Bailey at mistydbailey@hotmail.com, or by clicking the button below.

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9:00 AM09:00

Trinity Youth Donut/Coffee Fundraiser

Donut Coffee Youth Fundraiser.jpg

Who doesn't love coffee and donuts?

Trinity youth is selling Krispy Kreme donuts and Walla Walla Roastery Coffee to help raise money for the upcoming missions trip. (You can find more info about the missions trip on the events page, or click here.) It will be sold from March 4-18. 

If you would like to purchase the donuts or the coffee, visit the table in the foyer on a Sunday morning or contact Pastor Thad at thad@trinitywallawalla.org

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to Feb 19

High School Winter Camp

Winter Camp 2018 Slide HS.jpg

Get ready for Trinity Youth's 20th annual High School Winter Camp! This weekend will be filled with good food, great friends, and whole lot of fun. Keep scrolling to get all the details! 

COST: $135

Our goals for this camp are:

  1. To build strong student-leader relationships
  2. To build strong peer relationships
  3. To meet students right where they are—helping them take that next step in knowing Jesus better. Oh, and there is also possibility of having a lot of fun, too!

Students and leaders will be leaving from Trinity at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, February 16th  (dinner not provided). From the church, we will drive 45 minutes south to Meadowood Springs. Everyone will be staying the next two nights at the retreat center there. We will be back at Trinity by 3:00 p.m. on Monday the 19th.

The cost of camp is $135. This cost covers travel, lodging, food and fun. To secure your free Winter Camp 2018 t-shirt, get your registration and $25 non-refundable deposit by Sunday, January 21st! After this date, all registrations will be charged an additional $15 late fee. All registrations and full payments are due by Sunday, February 4th. We don’t want anyone—new or old—to not come to Winter Camp because of the cost, so if a scholarship would make the difference, please contact us to make arrangements.

To register for camp, please click HERE. You will also need to turn in the 2018 Medical Release form signed by a parent. This form can be printed off from the registration page. Return this form to our office ASAP; you can’t attend camp without it!


Clothes for playing in snow, snow boots, three changes of (warm) clothes, toiletries, a towel, sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, Bible, and pen or pencil. Saturday night we will be celebrating a very special Redneck Night, so bring along a costume to dress up!


Money, swimsuits, practical jokes (unless really, really funny), drugs, alcohol, electronics including cell phones (very limited cell phone coverage anyways), and homework. 

Check out WC 2017 video if you want a better idea of what to expect...or just want to relive one of the best weekends of being int Trinity Youth!

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to Feb 27

Worship Northwest Conference

It's time for our annual trip to the Worship Northwest Conference in Keizer, OR! This trip will provide important opportunity for our team to spend extended time together and learn new things from some of the best worship leaders in the country. 

COST: $80 (will cover hotel, gas, and conference registration)


  • Clothes, toiletries, etc.
  • A phone is okay on this trip
  • Food money for 3 meals

CONFERENCE INFO: http://www.worshipnorthwest.com/

We'll be leaving the church on Friday, February 26th at 12:00 PM. The conference starts with registration beginning at 5:00 PM and main session at 7:00 PM; we're hoping to get there by 6:00 PM. That night, we'll be staying at a nice Hampton Inn & Suites in nearby Salem. On Saturday, we'll get up, grab a buffet breakfast at the hotel, and head back to Keizer by 8:00 AM. Classes will end no later than 5:00 PM, but I highly expect that we will duck out a little early. I'm hoping to be back in Walla Walla by 10:30 PM.


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