Madeline Davis

Communications  assistant

The Basics

Birth town: Portland, Oregon

Family: I have a mother named Jennifer, a father named Russ, 2 younger sisters named Lillian and Carolyn, and a younger brother named Chapel. Jonathan is my boyfriend of 3 years (and counting) and I consider him family, too. 

Pets: My loving Jack Russell Terrier named Casper, my cat named Kitties, my fish named Ghyll, and hopefully someday an elephant. 

Your Roles and Responsibilities at Trinity: I deal with anything that has to do with "communications". Whether it be publishing posts on our social media pages, updating the app and website, updating the worship folder, or creating sermon slides!

How You Ended up at Trinity: This position popped up while I was at my last job, and after a lot of prayer and chatting with more intelligent folks, I chose to apply. It is in my range of interest and experience. (Plus, who wouldn't want to work at their favorite place to go?) Fortunately, I obtained an interview, and they hired me! 


Favorite Books: The Help, Water for Elephants

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Friends, I Love Lucy

Favorite Places: The Oregon Coast (Specifically Oceanside and Newport), Disneyland, and MY HOUSE!

A Few Other Favorite Things: Elephants, the color yellow, taking naps, coloring, nicely organized spaces. 

Behind The Scenes

Wildest Dream: To own a pet elephant.

What Makes You Happy: Spending quality time with the people I love, drawing flowers, and eating pasta! 

Interesting Fact #1: My mom is my best gal pal! 

Interesting Fact #2: I actually really love butter milk and sour dough bread. MM MM. 

Interesting Fact #3: My sister Lilly and I are the only ones in our family with red hair. My mom and Chapel have dark brown, and Carolyn and my dad have light brown-blonde hair! How strange!