Ally McClenny

administrative assistant

The Basics

Hometown: Fruitland, Idaho

Family: My husband Justin and I have one son, Jay, and two daughters, Codia and Toni.

Your Roles and Responsibilities at Trinity: I do what I can to assist the pastors and ministry leaders at Trinity. That means I do everything from making Starbucks runs to prepping worship services to planning events!

How You Ended up at Trinity: A looooong journey and answered prayers!   

Hobbies: Camping, fishing, hunting, anything outdoors...and spending time with my family. 


Favorite Books: The Bible, of course! Also anything by Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite Movies: Courageous, and anything Disney (I have young kids)!

Favorite Bands/Music: I listen to almost everything. Older country is my favorite—Reba, George Strait, Johnny Cash.

Favorite Place You’d Like to Visit: Anyplace I DON'T have to fly!

A Few Other Favorite Things: Chocolate, raspberry Italian sodas, and football.

Behind The Scenes

Wildest Dream: For my children to grow up happy, healthy, and living a life that is centered around Christ.   

What Gets You Fired Up? Caring for our servicemembers and their families.

What Gets You Down? Parents who are not role models for their kids...the ones who put their wants before their children's needs.